Microsoft courting webOS developers, attracting nearly 1k emails

When one door closes, another one typically opens. This could not be more true for developers of the webOS platform that was recently shuttered by HP. To take advantage of the opportunity, Brandon Watson, who is responsible for the developers on the Windows Phone platform, opened up communication and offered webOS developers all the tools they need to develop on the Windows Phone platform.

On that front, Brandon Watson has posted on his twitter account that he has been flooded by email requests from webOS developers. Initially Brandon had said that he had over 500 emails, but as of a recent post, he is now approaching 1k. But one must wonder, are all of them legitimate, or are some people simply looking for free devices?

This is a strategic win for both Windows Phone and webOS developers. While webOS may be going away, Microsoft is actively recruiting these developers to their new platform. As many have come to know, apps are what keep a platform vibrant. To that end, Microsoft is doing everything it can to attract the developers who were previously working on webOS applications.

The continued commitment that Microsoft has shown to the Windows Phone community continues to assure that they are in this for the long run. While numbers may not be favorable just yet, Microsoft is building an entire strategy and ecosystem around its devices, a plan that will surely keep all of its products in the spotlight.

If you are a webOS developer and are looking to switch to the Windows Phone platform, you can reach Brandon and his team at ThePhone@microsoft DOT com

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