Samsung to hold US Galaxy S III press event June 20

Samsung has already held a huge press event in London to officially announce the Galaxy S III smartphone. However, the company isn't done yet with its marketing campaign for its latest Android 4.0 device. reports that Samsung will hold yet another press event, this time in New York City, for the North American launch of the smartphone on June 20.

Ironically, the press event is being held on the same day Microsoft plans to hold its own event in San Fransisco for a look at the future of Windows Phone development.

As we have mentioned before, the version of the Galaxy S III that's coming to the US and Canada won't have the Samsung developed quad-core processor that is currently on sale in Europe but rather a dual-core chip made by Qualcomm. It will still have Android 4.0 installed, along with a 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED display; some of the versions sold in the US will support the faster 4G LTE networks.

Five US-based wireless carriers and a number of Canadian carriers will begin selling the Galaxy S III later this month. However, Apple is trying to block the sale of the phone before then, claiming that it violates two of Apple's patents.


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