Sea of Thieves: Festival of Giving returns with holiday events and Gilded Voyages 

The final Sea of Thieves update of the year is here, and closing out 2020 is another bout of festivities that has new events, valuable voyages, a new customization method for ship cannons holiday-themed cosmetics, Twitch Drops, login rewards, and more.

The 2.0.20 update brings back the Festival of Giving from last year, and that means a new Gilded Voyage is available for each player. These extremely valuable voyages can be taken advantage of through any of the game's trading companies, and though they take a while to complete, the rewards will make up for it.

There will be a bunch of events running throughout the update's cycle too. Plundered Presents tasks pirates with giving away their hard-earned loot to other players, which grants them 5,000 gold per chest every day for up to five treasure chests. Grogmanay comes in as an explosion-focused event that has some rare cosmetic rewards attached to it. Gold & Glory Weekends, Fort Nights, daily challenges, and more are included too, which can be found on the Events tab in-game.

Moreover, anyone who logs into Sea of Thieves during the Festival of Giving update will also receive free Frozen Horizon Tankard as a gift, while Twitch Drops will be available from various partnered Twitch streamers soon.

Rare has also implemented Cannon Flares as a brand new customizable slot, which lets players alter ship cannons' muzzle effect when firing them. Meanwhile, the Pirate Emporium premium shop has been updated with a large amount of cosmetics, including the Frozen Horizon icy ship set, special Cannon Flares, the skeleton Santa-looking Bonechiller costume, Glacial Curse pets, and more. Find the complete patch notes here.

The Sea of Thieves Festival of Giving update is now available across PC (Windows 10 and Steam) Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S platforms. Steam, Xbox One, and Series S players will find it weighing around 4.5GB, while the rest of the platforms will see a 6.8GB update. Don't forget that Rare is revamping its update process for Sea of Thieves starting in 2021 with a Battle Pass, seasonal content updates, and more.

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