Seagate launches the 2TB Game Drive, "designed exclusively for Xbox"

In recent months, both Sony and Microsoft have released new versions of their consoles with larger 1TB hard drives. Owners of older models with less storage - or folks for whom 1TB still isn't enough - can expand the available storage space on their consoles with external hard drives, and today, the Xbox One got a new and exclusive option.

Microsoft's Larry Hryb - better known as Major Nelson - highlighted the launch of the new Seagate Game Drive, "designed exclusively for Xbox One or Xbox 360". The drive offers 2TB of storage, and its small form factor features a unique Xbox-green fascia, with embossed Xbox and Seagate logos. As the Major explains:

...The plug-and-play functionality gives you instant power up. It’s small enough to slip into your pocket or backpack and doesn’t need a separate power cord. The Xbox automatically detects your drive and walks you through a hassle-free setup process that will have your drive game-ready in minutes.

Curiously, neither Seagate nor Microsoft have said when the new drive will be available, but they did reveal that it will be priced at $109.99 when it goes on sale at Amazon, Gamestop and other major retailers.

Given that you can pick up a 2TB external hard drive for around 80 or 90 bucks these days, that price might seem a little steep, especially when you consider that Seagate hasn't hinted at any real advantage to owning the Game Drive over a regular 2TB external HDD.

Source: Seagate via Major Nelson

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