Shutterstock integrates OpenAI's image generation into its platform

Shutterstock has announced today that it will be expanding its partnership with OpenAI, the creators of the AI image generator known as DALL-E. The platform is looking to launch a new tool for users of the site, dubbed, which will allow for AI generated images to generate revenue for creators, while also training the AI itself.

OpenAI and Shutterstock originally entered into a strategic partnership in 2021, which helped to train and improve DALL-E's capabilities:

"The data we licensed from Shutterstock was critical to the training of DALL-E,” said Sam Altman, OpenAI’s CEO. “We’re excited for Shutterstock to offer DALL-E images to its customers as one of the first deployments through our API, and we look forward to future collaborations as artificial intelligence becomes an integral part of artists’ creative workflows.”

The platform itself will not just provide a new income stream for creators, but will also allow for Shutterstock to compensate those who have helped to further the development of the AI significantly.

Shutterstock, with this new partnership, has also integrated OpenAI's seamless image generation into the platform, and allows its customers to generate images immediately, which they have branded with the strapline "Creativity at the Speed of Your Imagination."

Shutterstock also confirmed that it is committed to ensuring that the development of the AI follows ethical best practices, and that it will be helping to develop policy surrounding usage rights, even for AI generated content.

Source: Shutterstock

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