Since we're on the subject, let's talk about another Android iPhone copycat: the Meizu Pro 5

Today, HTC announced its much rumored One A9. While it offers a strong set of features for a great price (not in the UK), the focus for many has been its comparison aesthetically to Apple's iPhone. While there have been other 'clones' in the past, it's worth taking a look at another copycat: the Meizu Pro 5.

Since its debut in Asia close to a month ago, not much has been mentioned of Meizu's Pro 5. But, with widespread coverage noting how much HTC's latest phone looks like the iPhone - it seems like the perfect opportunity to take a good hard look at Meizu's entry.

If you are unfamiliar with Meizu, they are a fairly popular brand in Asia offering excellent specifications with competitive pricing, and their phones have even found their way onto Neowin too. The Pro 5 offers what many would consider top-tier specifications and a design that "borrows" a lot from Apple. But while it's not not the most original in terms of design, if you are in the market for a new Android handset, this one may just be worth considering.

The Meizu Pro 5 offers:

  • 5.7" 1080p AMOLED display
  • Exynos7420 processor / Mali T760 GPU / 3GB or 4GB RAM (depending on variant)

  • mTouch 2.1 fingerprint sensor

  • High-end DAC chip

  • 21MP with phase detection and laser focusing with 4K video recording

  • USB Type-C with Quick Charge 2.0

  • 3050mAh battery

If we look at the specs above, the Pro 5 seems to offer everything you might expect in a 'champion' device for 2015. When the Pro 5 arrives next month, it won't be priced at the eye-poppingly low $399 price tag like the A9, but the Meizu is an aggressively priced handset ($530) that offers great value and hits all of the right points (on paper at least). The handset might not appeal to everyone, but its clear that this is another impressive example of an iPhone copycat.

Both the HTC One A9 and Meizu Pro 5 are currently available for preorder.

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