SIS introduces wi-fi ready Pentium M chipsets under licence

CHIPSET FIRM Silicon Integrated Systems (SIS) said it has introduced a range of notebook chipset that include wireless LAN capabilities and support Intel's Pentium M microprocessor. The firm's integrated chipset, the SIS 648MX, supports a 400MHz system bus, DDR, and what it describes as "hyperstreaming", which manages CPU, the system bus, the graphics interface, IO peripherals and the north/south bridges.

The 661MX chipset uses a Real 256E graphics engine, as well as support for 1600x1200 at UXGA. But it is the SIS162 that's perhaps of most interest. It support 802.11b wireless LAN and USB 2.0. Both the chipset support DDR 400 memory, and will also support mobile "Celerons" based on the Pentium M processor when they're released, the firm said. SIS added that it has successfully negotiated with Intel to build chipset for the Pentium M in recent weeks.

News source: The Inq

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