Sneaky peek: Snow Leopard snaps found on Flickr

An AppleInsider reader has brought the Mac community's attention to an album of screen shots published on Flickr of Apple's OS X upgrade named 'Snow Leopard 10.6'.

Within the album an array of screen shots can be viewed, providing amongst other things, glimpses of various cosmetic changes to the Finder, QuickTime X and additions to preference settings such as the time and date and security menus.

The AppleInsider reader 'inewton1974' makes various comments regarding the screen shots which prove to be fairly fruitful in terms of showing off the new additions to the OS.

Perhaps the most notable to readers are the following:

- New transition effects within the newly structured Finder. Icons can now be commanded into position and size by the use of a slider located in the lower right-hand corner of the Finder window rather than them shifting immediately upon command. The AppleInsider reader deems this a 'neat visual effect.'

- The QuickTime preference pane seems to also have been removed from QuickTime X along with any preference altering possibility entirely. Various opinions suggest that this is Apple's first step in no longer offering its QuickTime Pro upgrade. Another screen shot shows a video of the Eiffel Tower playing in QuickTime X where the video alone floats on the desktop without a HUD, a noticeable change from the currently available.

However, there are many more features to take a look at which can be found at the AppleInsider website.

The screen shots seem to have got people excited and whilst on ZDnet's 'Apple Core' blog, I found that the writers suggest that people wishing to view them get in quick before Apple Legal have them removed. Finally, the esteemed AppleInsider user seems to believe that the operating system upgrade will be available to eager buyers in October of this year. This isn't the date I've been given after walking into a local Apple stockist (not run by Apple officially) last week and asking when I can come in and buy the new OS. I was given a date of June 8th, how believable this is I am unsure, though the assistant seemed to be fairly sure of the information on his computer.

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