SoMX 0.9.3b released

Scorpware has released version 0.9.3b of SoMX. The previous post about 0.9.3's release described SoM's history and its new features. After 0.9.3's release, Scorpware quickly released 0.9.3b, why? Because there were a few bugs that were found through mass player testing, but Scorpware did not waste any time, it was fixed and released in a few days.

0.9.3b Changelog:

-fixed: Can now use spells in duels.

-fixed: Currency trade bug.

-fixed: Guild member online icon would not show guild members who were already online before logging in.

-fixed: Using potions would allow stacks to reach 0 and stay in inventory.

-fixed: Trading a 0 stack of potions would lock up SoM server.

-fixed: Death by damage tiles wouldn't end duels.

-fixed: Poison while dueling issues.

-fixed: Runtime error 9 while trying to use guild /promote or /demote commands.

-fixed: Bug preventing some commanders and members from changing their own tax rate.

-fixed: Change direction key (without moving) no longer kicks for packet flooding for some people.

Download: Download SoMX Client

View: Secrets of Mirage's Official Website

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