Sony resetting PSN account passwords worldwide is just a "routine protection"

Is it a hack or something else? No-one knows.

Sony appears to have taken the extraordinary step of resetting 'some' users Playstation Network (PSN) passwords on accounts without letting the user know, leading many to think they have been hacked.

However a message popped up on the official account a few hours ago alerting users to the action taken.

Which prompted several replies from users who thought their account had been hacked, others asked why an email hadn't been sent and noted the grueling process for having to reset their login details.

The measures taken appear to be worldwide, with Engadget reporting that "PSN users around the world have been booting up their various consoles only to be confronted with a message saying their passwords are incorrect".

Messages about the password reset have so far appeared on US, EU and Japan PlayStation Twitter accounts, all of which state that the move is "purely a precautionary measure" for "routine protection."

Engadget has reached out to Sony for clarification on why this was needed, but as yet no official explanation for the "routine protection" is known.

Source: Engadget | Image: Sony

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