Soundblaster - Live! = Audigy?

A little controversy here. This one could cause quite a stir if it turns out to be true. Could you imagine? The following is a forum post at

Well, just browsed to a Chinese site yesterday, and this got to be one of the most shocking articles I read recently. Seems someone in Taiwan or China claimed to have found a way to modify some audigy driver to install it to support his Live! and then the Live! card has full fuctionality as the Audigy except the 1394 port. He concluded that Audigy's core is the same old EMU10K1, just the driver got some ID check and the driver enabled the old programmable core to have the new functions...

Well, I dismissed the idea as some rumor first, but now all the sites that posted that article got forced to delete it by request of Creative. I know that now all the sites I know no longer has this article, but here is a news in a Chinese website that confirms the existence of such an article - [The website is in Chinese naturally.. good luck! :) -Ed]

So now after Creative's reaction, I'm beginning to wonder whether they really just used the old EMU10K1 core with some new manufacture process or something? Anyone here got any idea?

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