Nintendo to spend €100 million on Cube marketing

A report on the Indie - motto: "targeted industry news as it breaks" - said that Nintendo, a contendo in the console business, will splash out €100 million (~$87 million) on the launch of the Gamecube, and starting this month.

Gamecube is considered to be a wonderful console by lots of people and is launched in Europe in early May, with a raft of titles floating on the back of its introduction, Indie says.

And what's more, the GameCube will only cost £150 when it's launched here in Blighty, yet uses an IBM G3 chip called the CXe which is roughly equivalent to the G4 powered Macs - they cost $2,500. Plus the Nintendo chip has 512K level two cache on board, and replaces the 64 bit path to level one cache with a 256 bit path.

News source: The Inquirer

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