Speculation mounts on ATI X800 scores

RUMOURS ARE jumping like fleas over the specifications of the speedbump coming in December for ATI's X800 series cards. The most probable numbers come from a forum posting over at HardOCP. With the release date at December 1st, the cards will be branded with the X850 name and will come in XT Platnium, XT and Pro configurations.

Presently, the X800 XT PE comes in at a core speed of 520MHz and a memory clock of 1120MHz DDR. Numbers suggest that the X850 XT PE will come in at 540MHz and 1180MHz: hardly a substantial speedbump, but enough of a prod to enable it to come a little closer to the performance of Nvidia in Doom 3, and probably give it the edge in Half-Life 2. It will be a 16-pipeline card, as the X800 XT PE is. The X850 XT and Pro both share 520/1080 speeds, but the Pro part has only 12 pipelines.

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