Spore To Have Procedurally Generated Soundtrack - By Eno!

Spore, the upcoming "do everything" game by Will Wright will not only have procedurally generated content for the game itself, but apparently the music and sound will also be generated in a similar fashion. According to reports, Brian Eno who is known for his, shall we say "interesting" ambient music abilities will be crafting Spore's music and sound:

"Generativity plays a role in many fields now, with gaming being no exception. Also built around this notion and probably one of the currently most eagerly awaited games is Will Wright's Spore, for which Brian Eno, as he revealed, will be making the soundtrack!"

Rumours of Eno's involvement have been circulating since November, when Spore creator Will Wright joined him on stage to deliver a talk on the joys and techniques of generative creation. This meeting of minds made Brian a perfect choice.

"He was asked to do it, because the designers wanted sound that is just as procedural as the game itself. He went on to demonstrate a simple software called 'The Shuffler', which even with a simple combination of samples possibly would never create the same composition twice within a lifetime."

So when Spore finally ships in the 2nd half of 2007, we will have a procedurally complete game! Enjoy.

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