Sun's Not-So-Secret Weapon

Sun Microsystems is about to begin a beta program for perhaps its most important development tool release in years. Java Studio Creator -- formerly Project Rave -- is Sun's attempt at corralling departmental-level developers who are looking for alternatives to Microsoft's .NET framework. Sun has high hopes for the product; it believes that the potential user base is in the millions. But wooing developers to buy a Sun tool has not been easy in the past, and although Java Studio Creator seems robust enough, it will not have all the capabilities of Visual Basic out of the box.

Mass Appeal

Java Studio Creator will automate the hand coding that goes into typical Java development, said Dana Gardner, a senior analyst at Yankee Group. "It's simply automating the drudgery and helping people through the steps of developing applications and workflow that can be deployed on a Java runtime," he told NewsFactor. Java Studio Creator will appeal to two types, Gardner says: a graphically oriented developer familiar with 4GL or a Visual Studio product; and a business-process person who needs to build a departmental-level application and does not want to go through a traditional developer.

News source: NewsFactor

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