Symantec: The State of Spam in April

Symantec has released its May 2007 report entitled The State of Spam for the month of April. The 11-page monthly report includes news and data from the company's ongoing monitoring of vast amounts of e-mail. Here is the first part of the report:

Quote -
Spam activity in April 2007 was overall consistent with trends observed in previous reports with the exception of an interesting reduction in image spam in April compared with March.
Highlights included:
  • Image spam percentages in April averaged at 27% compared with 37% for the month of
    March. Symantec will continue to monitor this trend to determine if this is a temporary blip
    or part of a developing trend. Further trend analysis will be included in Symantec's next
    State of Spam report.
  • Spam levels remained consistent for the month of April at the SMTP layer and remained on
    average around 65%.
  • The development of several interesting spam techniques, including:
    • Company character assassination spam emerges
    • Images upload hosting solutions used in stock spam attack
    • 419 spam takes on a new twist
    • Image spam variations

View: May Spam Report

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