T-Mobile kills unlimited data usage when traveling to Canada and Mexico

T-Mobile has been known over the past few years to introduce new Un-carrier movements that provide benefits to the customer, differentiating itself from the competition. However, it looks like the wireless carrier will be falling in line, as it is downgrading one of its benefits that it started nearly two years ago called Mobile Without Borders.

The idea of Mobile Without Borders is to allow those on a valid T-Mobile plan to take advantage of calling, texting, and using data in Canada and Mexico without restrictions. This means that you simply use your plan in these countries as if you were in your home territory in the United States. While the plan previously accommodated for unlimited data, now the carrier will be limiting that to just 5GB. If you pass your 5GB allotment, you'll be throttled, with speeds restricted, allowing up to just 128kbps, or 256kbps, if on the T-Mobile ONE Plus plan.

T-Mobile states that less than one percent of its customers that use Mobile Without Borders go over 5GB. While this is certainly surprising and may impact some users, the changes won't be immediate and will start instead on November 12.

Source: T-Mobile via The Verge

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