Gogo plans to release an app that lets travelers call and text during flights

Those who travel frequently know the woes that come from flying 35,000 feet in the air. While some airlines provide in-flight internet and other communication services, travelers are often faced with the consequence of not being able to receive calls or text during their flight. In-flight internet company 'Gogo' may soon have the answer: they plan to launch an app which allows you to make calls and even text while in the air.

Gogo first debuted their app at SXSW 2014, where they took reporters on a private jet flight to test it out. Reactions were mixed, with WSJ reporter Geoffrey Fowler describing the quality of the call as "garbled" at times, and USA Today columnist Edward Baig calling it "surprisingly decent". All agreed that the app has potential - especially on U.S commercial flights, whose passengers tend to suffer the lack of communication capability.

Gogo currently provides in-flight broadband internet service to major commercial airlines, including Delta, Virgin America and Frontier Airlines. Their new app could further expand their reach in the connectivity services industry, especially in such a niche market as airplane travel.

Since a bill prohibiting in-flight calls is currently making its way through congress, American customers may not be able to experience the in-flight calling portion of the app, but they can certainly look forward to sending and receiving texts.

Source: TechCrunchImage via TechCrunch

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