TechSpot: HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse Review

As TechSpots PC peripherals reviewer for nearly three years, its safe to say that Im pretty well-versed when it comes to pointing devices. Most of the mice that have crawled across my desk have been higher-end models, both wired and wireless, and just recently I also examined three mobile touch-sensitive mice.

Two dozen mice later, today Ill be looking at something completely different than anything else Ive used to date. HPs new Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse cuts the cord and eliminates the need for a USB dongle or Bluetooth radio. It also goes without saying that your computer needs a wireless card. It may seem obvious, but most users won’t be able to use this mouse on a desktop since the average PC isn’t equipped with a Wi-Fi adapter.

This small pointer connects to your notebooks wireless connection with a proclaimed 9-month battery life. The HP Wi-Fi mouse only works on Windows 7 PCs, so Mac users and those on previous versions of Windows are out of luck.

Read: HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse Review

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