The Pirate Bay's final day in court

As the court heard the closing statements today in The Pirate Bay's trial the defendants' four lawyers all closed with the same argument, stating The Pirate Bay does not host any of the illegal copyrighted material. The web site only acts as a search engine, much like Google, Microsoft's Live Search and Yahoo.

As the prosecutors failed to bring any real evidence to the table, including screens shots involving illegal activity from The Pirate Bay that was shot down due to lack of evidence that the files were actually located on the web site. The prosecutors claimed the site was running 64 advertisements making revenue off of copyrighted material was also proven false. The site currently only has 4 running advertisements that cover only server costs of 800,000 Kronor ($88,300 U.S.), not the suspected millions people claim.

Fredrik, one of the sites coders got the site back up and running after a down time last night, from inside the courtroom saying: "I fixed the Pirate Bay from inside the courtroom just minutes ago. The site is back online,"

The verdict is expected on April 17, 2009 to see if The Pirate Bay owners will face up to 2 years in prison.

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