TimeShift demo coming Monday

This Monday, a single-player demo of TimeShift will be hosted by GameSpot. This new shooter from Atari was developed by Saber Interactive, the team behind 2003's Will Rock.

In TimeShift, gamers suit up as test pilot Colonel Michael Swift who
travels back in time. Unfortunately, things aren't as he remembered,
and an evil overlord has taken ahold of the world. Using a top secret,
multimillion-dollar suit, Swift can alter time, slowing, freezing, and
rewinding it at will. Of course no evil overlord has been defeated with
just a fancy suit, so Swift will come strapped with weapons and

The single-player demo will feature one full level of the retail
version of the game. In it, players will infiltrate a heavily guarded
building in order to make contact with a rebel on the top floor. TimeShift is rated

M for Mature and will retail for

$49.99 when it is
released on

March 21. An Xbox version will also be released that day,
with an Xbox 360 version coming sometime after.

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