Town tries out Cybercar concept

Daventry, a Northamptonshire town, is investigating ways to increase the use of public transport and reduce reliance on cars by testing a driverless car which is controlled by computer and uses lasers to avoid obstacles. The demonstration will last until October 5. Cybercars, which are called by pressing a button on the route and go direct to their destination, can be seen on a test track at the town's Eastern Way. Cybercars are designed for short trips at low speed in an urban environment and need only a very light track to operate. They aim to take people to a specific zone where private car access is limited and would be most efficient over short distances and in tourist areas. Daventry District Council leader Chris Millar said: "We can build lots more car parks and have lots more cars going in or we can look at a viable alternative to the car. We believe this could be the answer."

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News source: BBC News

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