Two hot Reviews : Gainward Geforce4 Ti4600 and OCZ Goliath SE Cooler

Two top reviews:

1.Gainward Geforce4 PowerPack Ultra/750 XP Golden Sample @

"This is a MONSTER cool card. The card is of very high quality, even the 2D RF filters of this card is much better than on other Geforce4 cards out there. So if you consider buying a GF4Ti card, but want exellent 2D in windows, you can not miss this one in your considerations. Gainward PowerPack Ultra/750 XP Golden Sample has tons of features, and more than good enough software bundle."

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2.OCZ Goliath SE Cooler

"This cooler is similar to the standard OCZ Goliath Cooler but with a few upgrades. Adding the 80mm IFT 45CFM temperature controlled fan is great for both keeping CPU temps low and is much quieter then a 60mm 7k+ RPM fan. Also, like its little brother the OCZ Goliath Cooler, it very affordable."

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