Two possible Asus Windows 8 tablets get FCC approval

Asus has been one of the biggest hardware supporters for Windows 8 and the company was the first OEM partner to confirm it would release a product based on the Windows 8 ARM variant, Windows RT. Now two devices that will likely run Windows 8 and/or Windows RT have passed through the approval process of the US Federal Communications Commission.

One of them is the TF600T, which is most likely the Tablet 600 Windows RT device that Asus showed off in June during the Computex trade show. The image included with the FCC filing has a tiny Windows 8 logo, which confirms this is being made for Microsoft's next OS.

The other is referred to in the FCC filing as the TF810C. This is likely the 11.6 inch Tablet 810, which again Asus announced during the Computex event.

While Asus has yet to reveal its release plans for Windows 8, the fact that the company is already submitting two Windows 8/RT tablets to the FCC three months before the Windows 8 October 26th launch date is a clear sign that the company is prepping for a sizable Windows 8 launch.

Via: Engadget
Source: FCC | Image via Asus

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