Uber updates community guidelines, riders with low ratings can now be banned too

Uber has announced some changes to its community guidelines, as well as to how those guidelines are shown to users. The biggest change here is the fact that riders can now be deactivated if they have low ratings in the app.

The app has always given users on either side the ability to rate their drivers and riders, but only drivers could be deactivated as a result of low ratings. Now, things are getting a little better for drivers that often have to deal with bad Uber riders, and those riders can also be banned from using the app if their ratings are too low.

Factors that contribute to getting low ratings may have to do with leaving trash inside the car or asking the driver to exceed the speed limit. Uber expects that only a small number of riders may be banned as a result of this change, but it's a welcome move nonetheless.

In addition to the changes to the guidelines, Uber wants to make sure everyone understands them, so they will now be displayed on the entire screen when users open the app, starting with those in the U.S. and Canada. Uber is also launching an education campaign in order to help users learn the guidelines, with new in-app messages, e-mails, and signs in Greenlight Hubs to make that information more prominent.

You can read the updated community guidelines here if you're interested.

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