UT2004 Linux & Mac OSX retail patches v3339

A week after the Win32 update, Icculus has released new patches for Unreal Tournament 2004 to bring the Linux and Mac OSX editions of the multiplayer first-person shooter by Epic Games to version 3339 too. As before, this release applies more gameplay tweaks, bug fixes, and other changes as detailed in the release notes, and the Mac version also includes the updated Editor's Choice Edition bonus pack while the Linux patch requires the original bonus pack to be installed first.

General Gameplay:

  • Fixed Berserk combo (properly turns client side weapon changes on and off)

  • Fixed quadjump mutator in multiplay (was only allowing regular double jump on first jump)

  • Fixed gamespeed mutator "sticking" in instant action games

  • Don't let Cicada passengers carry flag (for VCTF)

  • Added OnslaughtBP.UCL to patch so bonus pack mutators will show up

  • Fixed problem with landing view shake sometimes not working at very low frame rates

  • Fixed bug where not all actors got NotifyTeamChanged() when client team changed

  • etc...
View: More Information (OS X) | More Information (Linux)

Download: UT2004 Mac OS X retail patches v3339

Download: UT2004 Linux retail patches v3339

News source: 3D Gamers

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