Vinci's Android tablet is for the toddlers

The phrase, "Get them while they are young" certain applies to a newly revealed Android OS-based tablet. The Vinci, due for release later this month, is being made to be used and played with by the toddler crowd. In fact the Vinci's official web site claims that the tablet is made for kids aged 0 to 4, although we have our doubts that a just born baby would be too interested in  it.

The 1.28 pound tablet has a number of safety features that its makers say make it usable for the toddler set. The 7-inch touch screen has tempered glass and the tablet itself is surrounded by a red colored handle that is made out of "Thermoplastic Elastomer Alloy, a type of material with a silicone-like softness." This will help make the handle safe even if a child decided to chew on the handle.

What about the tablet itself? The tablet has a 1 Ghz processor inside along with 512 MB of RAM. There are two models of the Vinci; one with a battery that lasts up to three hours and 4 GB of storage and the other which lasts up to six hours on a charge and 8 GB of storage. Both models come with a 3 megapixel back camera, a USB port and a MicroSD port. One interesting feature that's lacking in the Vinci is no WiFi antenna; apparently this is also a safety feature to keep the wireless signals away from a young kid. Vinci also offers up a number of applications for entertainment, learning and more. The Vinci is scheduled to be launched on August 10. is now taking pre-orders for the device with the 4 GB model selling for $389 and the 8 GB model selling for $479.

Image via Vinci

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