Virus that steals bank information is on the rise

The BBC is reporting that Zeus, a virus that steals your online bank account information is on the rise. Trusteer says of the 5.5 million computers that they monitor, one in 3,000 is infected with the Zeus virus.

Zeus 1.6 can infect users using both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Once infected the virus records your keystrokes when logging into your bank's website. The data is then sent to a remote server where it is used or sold by the cyber gang.

"We expect this new version of Zeus to significantly increase fraud losses, since nearly 30% of internet users bank online with Firefox and the infection is growing faster than we have ever seen before," said Amit Klein, chief technology officer at Trusteer.

In March 2010, parts of the primary control center for the Zeus botnet were taken offline when the Kazakhstani ISP that was being used to administer it was cut off. Unfortunately, though, it is back on the rise as the hackers have started to expand their botnet.

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