Web-based Hardware utitilty from Powerleap

Remember that olde Powerleap program that allowed you to OC your Cyrix (ahem..) CPU chip on a software level effectively "maximizing" what was already pretty poor ehehe. ahh those were the days. Well I got an email from Powerleap that states: No more downloading CPU utilities!

PowerLeap is pleased to announce a new web-based utility that can read your computer's vital statistics. Using an ActiveX control, we have designed a utility that makes it very easy to see information like:

  • CPU type, speed, form factor, stepping, etc.
  • Clock settings (such as CPU core, FSB, etc.)
  • Mainboard info (such as manufacturer, model, and version)
  • Chipset info (such as manufacturer, model, and version)
  • BIOS Version
  • AGP version and settings
  • Video adapter brand and model
  • Memory type, size, and timings well as the ability to save this information, email it to someone, or ask PowerLeap for an upgrade suggestion.

Note: The ActiveX component requires Microsoft Internet Explorer, with ActiveX controls/plug-ins enabled (at least to "Prompt" level).

View: Quick CPU Upgrade Finder

News source: PowerLeap

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