Weekend PC Game Deals: Bethesda's QuakeCon sales shake up the field

Weekend PC Game Deals is where the hottest gaming deals from all over the internet are gathered into one place, every week, for your consumption. So kick back, relax, and hold on to your wallets.

Humble has a lot going on this weekend, and in its bundle section is where the new Hooked on Multiplayer 2019 Bundle has appeared, holding games that you might need some friends to play with.

There are three fixed-price tiers in this bundle, and you get Inversus Deluxe, Think of the Children, and Death Squared in the $1 tier. Then for putting down 7$ you get Barony, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, and Super Animal Royal. The final $12 tier has Killing Floor 2 Digital Deluxe Edition and Deathgarden: Bloodharvest. Interestingly, it seems you get two extra giftable copies of the latter title when you redeem its key on Steam.

Moving on, don't forget that the current Humble Monthly, carrying Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Surviving Mars, will come to an end next week, delivering the rest of its games and refreshing the early unlocks. The Very Positive 3 bundle from last week still has a few days left on its counter, as well.

Epic Games' giveaway scheme has gone from bi-weekly to weekly, and now this week, it has become a double game giveaway by partnering with 11 bit studios. It's a pair this time (and next) because whenever Epic has an M-rated game as a freebie, the company will also attach another "more accessible" game to the promotion.

The freebies are the base games of This War of Mine, the survival experience that focuses on the horrors of war, and Moonlighter, an action RPG with roguelike elements that has you being both an adventurer and a merchant.

Both games are yours to keep if you claim them through the Epic Games Store before August 2, and replacing the duo on that day is Ubisoft's For Honor and Remedy Entertainment's Alan Wake.

Humble isn't the only store with a new bundle this weekend, as Fanatical has put up its 6-game Empire Bundle on offer. It's a mishmash of genres, but delivers some high-quality games for $4.99.

Just from the Star Wars corner, the bundle comes with Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic, its sequel The Sith Lords, and Star Wars Jedi Knight - Jedi Acadamy. Adding to that, the bundle also includes copies of Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered, Homeworld Remastered Collection, as well as SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition.

Free Events

A whole host of games are free to try out this weekend. Let's kick things off with the military simulator title Squad, which is having another free weekend, celebrating the release of its new modding tools. Meanwhile for anime fans, there are free weekends running for the fighting game Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker and the JRPG Disgaea.

But, if you're looking for an experience to jump in with your friends, there's also a free weekend happening for Worms W.M.D right now. And finally, the survival games Pandemic Express - Zombie Escape and TRAPPED are also free to play just for this weekend.

Big Deals

QuakeCon is upon us and Bethesda has initiated new discounts on its in-house developed and published games to celebrate, with lower prices than what we saw in the recent summer sales. Almost every store is having one of these promotions with similar pricing, including Steam, Humble, Fanatical, and more.

GreenManGaming's own summer sale is still going strong, and it is offering the code WKND10 to get an additional 10% off from discounted games when checking out, which even drops prices of games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider below their current Steam discounts. See our big deals list below to find out our highlights from everywhere this weekend:

DRM-free Goodness

In addition to some more DRM-free QuakeCon Bethesda deals that you can opt for, there are some other highlights to focus on this weekend too:

Keep in mind that availability and pricing for some deals could vary depending on the region.

And that is it for our pick of this weekend's PC game deals folks, and hopefully, some of you have enough self-restraint not to break the bank adding new games to your ever-growing backlogs. Of course, there is an enormous amount of other deals ready and waiting all over the interwebs if you comb through it hard enough, so keep your eyes open for those, and have a fantastic weekend.

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