Weekend Poll: Are you annoyed at Google over the WP8 Maps kerfuffle?

Google created quite a stir earlier this week when they decided to intentionally block Internet Explorer 10 on Windows Phone 8 from accessing Google Maps, instead redirecting those trying to access Maps to the search homepage. This was despite the fact that Maps works perfectly fine on WP8 when you switch the user agent string, something that quickly caused people to point the finger at Google for deliberately trying to harm Windows Phone users.

Now Google has come out and made a statement saying that there were performance issues with Maps on Windows Phone 8, claiming that "recent improvements to IE mobile and Google Maps" mean they can now remove the redirect. As the block was only discovered a few days ago, and Maps worked anyway when you get around the block, the claim of "recent improvements" seems somewhat dodgy.

This weekend we want to know whether this recent kerfuffle has made you annoyed with Google. As a Windows Phone user you might understandably be annoyed with Google's practices, but then again you could be a user of a different platform that doesn't like Google's recent attitudes. Place your votes in the poll below.


Are you annoyed with Google over the maps kerfuffle?

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