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Thief steals iPads, nothing else, from Microsoft building

Well, this has to be embarrassing for Microsoft: A story has been making the rounds on the Internet the past two days that a thief stole five iPads from Microsoft's Mountain View campus and didn't take anything else; meaning no Microsoft products were stolen.

The news originates from a report published yesterday by the Daily Post (which can be seen in scanned form here), which claims the five iPads were stolen from the Mountain View campus sometime between Dec. 19 and Dec. 26. According to the report, the thieves took two iPad 2s and two iPad 3s, worth a total of more than $3,000. A fifth iPad was described as being an iPad 4, or the current version of the Apple tablet that dropped the numerical naming scheme.

The fact that Microsoft owns iPads isn't surprising, since the company makes software for the Apple tablet, but the fact that there were no Microsoft products stolen when there was surely plenty of expensive equipment made by the company around is.

Whether or not the story is true remains to be seen, but if it is fake, it's a well-made fake. The officer listed in the story, for instance, is Sgt. Sean Thompson, who is listed as the public information officer on the Mountain View Police Department's website. The report's author, Angela Ruggiero, is also listed on the newspaper's website.

Source: TheTechStorm

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