Why I don't want a next generation console just yet

The idea of new consoles has gotten me excited since I was bought my very first GameBoy Pocket, but nowadays, the appeal of current games and experiences exceeds my need for more visually appealing games.

Current games in this generation are primarily developed for their stellar stories and cinematic gameplay sequences, which is exactly why I just don't want that to end just yet. This generation has delivered some of the greatest games and franchises of all time and has made me a die-hard 3rd person action game fan. With great games like Uncharted, Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, InFamous and Dead Space to name a few, we've somewhat managed to get the most diverse line-up of game releases in a very long time.

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As we continue to push the boundaries graphically, and also push boundaries with in-game mechanics. This has lead to games like Little Big Planet being top-sellers because of the game's ability to make people wear their creative hats and come together to share ideas or play together.

It would seem the current state of the industry has lead to more opportunities for developers to start working on games, and it means that pretty much anyone can get their game published if it has a market. I honestly believe the indie developer experience is perfect right now. Games like Journey and Papo & Yo are great examples of top-selling indie games which offer an emotional but ever-so artistic approach to the video games industry and why would anyone need more?

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I just feel that a newer generation of games may lead to a lot of great franchises coming to a standstill in development, and although I'd be open to see more original IPs in future, I just don't feel as inclined to play them. I also think that games do not need to look more realistic, but I also understand that whatever happens, it'll be welcomed. I do think games like Battlefield 3, The Last of Us, Crysis 3 all look phenomenal enough.

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I think in time the games industry is quickly impacting and creating a demand for mobile entertainment, which is something future consoles should try to embrace. The mobile market is huge, so it'd be a waste to not partner with OEMs to allow some minor or major cross-compatability features, similar to how the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 systems work together.

It's also a concern as to how much it'll cost to purchase a next generation system, as even the PS3 cost $599 at launch. Hardware advancements are one thing needed to manufacture a decent successor, but if you're Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo, you are likely fighting for some form of relevance, and with that comes extra features, services and capabilities, which could prove to increase costs.

Whether it's ruining the creative direction for current franchises leading into the next generation or the cost of hardware, the games industry will continue to grow rapidly until our visions become a reality. I do think next generation games and consoles will be spectacular, I really am for new consoles, just not now. I'm too busy enjoying remasters, exclusive titles and beautifully constructed franchise to care about the future just yet. However, at the end of the day, new console releases are based on developer and consumer demand, so on that note, please let us know what you think on the topic.

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