Windows 8 third party logo contest enters final stage

In February, third party company Archon Systems decided to run a contest, just for fun, that let users submit their own design for the Windows 8 logo. In the end, over 700 entries were received; some serious, some humorous but all interesting takes on creating a logo for Microsoft's operating system.

Now Archon Systems has announced that it now has 31 designs that have been picked as finalists and the public can now vote on which one they think should be the winne; one of the 31 finalists' entries is above. Voting will end on Monday, March 5th and the winner will be revealed on Tuesday, March 6th. The person who created the winning design will get $295.

In our own recent interview with Matthew Kostanecki, the Online Marketing Specialist for Archon Systems, he told us how this contest came about:

The company culture at Archon Systems Inc. is very much design-centric. Mixing that culture with very passionate and opinionated employees, and you get quite a discussion when Microsoft decides to make the biggest change to their logo in 10+ years.

I figured that we’re probably not alone in our opinions, and sure enough we weren’t. We found many other people commenting on other blogs posts who claimed they could design a better logo. We thought, let’s put them to the test and actually give them an opportunity to practice what they were preaching!

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