Windows ads make a comeback

Update: You can watch the new ad here

After a small break, Microsoft is continuing its Windows Ad Campaign during the Grammy Awards on Sunday that focuses on its Windows Live services. This new ad is a part of a new phase in the Ad Campaign called Rookies. The ad features a 4-year-old girl using Microsoft's Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Microsoft's $300 million Ad Campaign started off with a shoe store ad featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld which left many folks scratching their heads!

Later Microsoft made a comeback with the I am a PC campaign which was well received than the earlier Gates & Seinfeld ads

Brand Keys, a New York market research company, has done a study of how ads changed the perceptions of the Microsoft and Apple brands. The study considered the feedback from 400 Apple and Microsoft users, about Apple and Microsoft brands before and after seeing the ads.

The study revealed that after watching the Apple ads, users felt very comfortable and the ads were successful in lifting the brand equity. Whereas, after watching the initial Microsoft ads, users had a more negative perception of the company in the areas of innovation, technology, trouble-free design, and warranty and pricing. On the other hand, Microsoft's I am PC ad campaign worked very well to lift PC users' perception of the company's brand as technologically and environmentally advanced.

Lets hope Microsoft makes a better comeback with its new ads as Windows 7 is shaping up really well.

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