Windows Phone 8 screenshot feature confirmed

This week's leak of an early version of Windows Phone 8 SDK has yielded lots of information about the next mobile OS from Microsoft (perhaps earlier than the company would have preferred). Yet another new, and much requested, feature, has been discovered by someone going through the SDK files.

The website sent us a tip stating that being able to take native screenshots of the Windows Phone display is now available as part of the Windows Phone 8 SDK. He also posted up a YouTube video showing how it is supposed to work.

The new screenshot feature was previously rumored and seems to work as advertised based on the earlier reports. Screenshots are made by pressing the Windows key and camera button together. The image is then stored and can be accessed via the Photo hub of a Windows Phone 8 device.

This new addition will certainly be welcomed by a number of Windows Phone users, who have had to use third party utilities in order to take screenshots of apps and games. We are still holding out hope that this feature could also be added to current Windows Phone devices via the promised Windows Phone 7.8 update, but so far, we don't know if that will happen.


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