Windows Phone 8 shown off on video on HTC 8X

Microsoft has not been saying much about Windows Phone 8 for the past few weeks, and even when new hardware was announced, Microsoft restricted the press from navigating past the Start screen. Even though Microsoft put a stop to the OS exploration, it would seem as if that memo did not make it to the GITEX Computer Shopper show where Windows Phone 8 was shown off on a HTC 8X.

The GITEX Computer Shopper show is currently being held in Dubai, and the video you see above is a demonstration of the new OS. In the video, we can finally see some of the leaked features outside of the emulator. The new features include a reworked Office 2013 hub, downloading new keyboards in new languages, Family Room, maps (with offline option), lock screen images from a third party, and you can now control which live tile apps display information.

While we can't understand why Microsoft is holding back the SDK (minus a few select devs) and then limiting press use of devices, their strategy has mostly flopped as the OS has been shown off in detail on video. While Microsoft could have a few items hidden away, unless they are ground-breaking new features, the entire WP8 delivery has been in shambles since the initial (and partial) announcement in June. 

Source: WPcentral

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