Windows Phone Mango not coming this week, Q4 still a go for Nokia devices

This has been an incredible week for Microsoft and Windows 8. With the company showing off its new desktop, tablet, and server OS, many were also hoping to hear news about the Mango release for Windows Phone 7.

Unfortunately, that rumor is not holding true. The WPdev podcast got this rumor started by saying that this would be the week that Mango would be released along with the final version of the developer tools. Considering that the week is nearly over, we know that rumor didn’t pan out. Joe Belfiore even went as far as to shoot down the rumor on Twitter, via WP7connect, clearly stating that 9/15 was a rumored date and that Mango will not be released today.

Even more news from the Windows Phone camp comes from Nokia. In a recent tweet, they confirmed that their first Windows Phone device is still on track and will be on sale in Q4. It also said that volumes would be in 2012, via Engadget.

It’s not clear if that tweet is suggesting that, yes, we will see a Nokia branded WP 7.5 device in Q4, but it won’t ship in volume until 2012. Or, it could possibly mean that in 2012 we will see many different WP 7.5 devices ship. Although we know that Nokia will sell its first WP 7.5 device in Q4, it may be hard to get your hands on one if they can’t produce the device in volume before shipping.

If you are waiting for Mango, Microsoft still stands by its “Fall” statement which is not very far away.

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