WMP9 Fix: Video May Freeze In Multiple Monitor Scenario Fix

The information below applies to Windows Media 9 series for Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98 SE. When a client tries to play back video content on a non-primary monitor, either no video is rendered and the client sees only a black frame, or only the first video frame is displayed. Audio plays back without error.

Windows Media Player 9 Series enters a deadlock state when it starts playback on a non-primary monitor. The Player is waiting on certain information that follows the signaling of the display change event, but it never receives this information because of timing.

This update (820772) brings your file wmp.dll to build, dated 11-Apr-2003.

Download: 820772 fix from Microsoft server

News source: Warp2Search

This patch may not be compatible & has not been tested with the Windows Media Player Build 3005 Update Patch

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