WP7 Mango LG E906 images surface

As we approach September 1, the rumored day that Microsoft will take Mango public, we expect more Mango devices to begin to surface. Earlier today we first caught wind of new Asus and Acer Mango devices and now we have the first pictures of the LG E906 Mango device in the wild.

This new device, first spotted by Pocketnow, is a touch screen based device that supports WiFI connectivity. Besides having the standard Windows Phone buttons along the bottom, the rest of the details remain a mystery. The device is branded with the Jil Sanders name, which the source says is the name of a German fashion house.

As many have already suspected, the launch of Mango will bring a slew of new Windows Phone devices to market. But, at this time, we still do not know the exact specifications of each device. It is expected that on September 1 we will learn a lot more about Mango devices that will be hitting the market in the near future.

For Microsoft, Mango is the next iteration of their Windows Phone platform. After a slow start, Windows Phone has been picking up steam in the developer world after Microsoft began targeting developers of the now defunct webOS platform.

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