WTF: Like-A-Hug vest inflates when you get a Facebook like

Do you like getting hugged? Well you probably do, because most people enjoy a good ol' squeeze of affection. But, you ask, what if you didn't actually have to have any sort of physical contact with another human being to receive said hug? Well, it's a good thing you're covered, as a new vest has been invented by a group of people from MIT that will surely keep you in the basement for the rest of your life.

The Like-A-Hug vest is a great invention that inflates itself whenever one of your dear Facebook friends "likes" your status, photo or video; you're basically getting a virtual hug thanks to some sacs of air. It's not exactly clear how the vest connects with Facebook (will it require a special hug-dedicated SIM card?), but you'll certainly be the talk of the town in your fashionable new electronic vest.

The creators currently have no plan to bring the vest to the market, but a Kickstarter could appear at any moment. I know I'll be buying one: it could save my life if I post a funny Facebook status just moments before a horrific boat crash.

Source: UberGizmo

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