Xbox Games Windows 8 app updated, along with Mahjong and Minesweeper [Update]

The flood of Windows 8 app update from Microsoft that started on Monday night continues. The company has now pushed out a new update for its Xbox Games app portal, which lets users download and play Modern app-based games from a single hub.

The patch notes on the Windows Store site don't reveal too much about what's been updated in this new version. The only major new feature that's specifically mentioned is the addition of game alerts. This lets Xbox Games players know when they have been invited to play a particular game by their friends and also alerts those players when its their turn. The release notes also state that it included some unspecified "various performance enhancements and feature updates."

We mentioned on Monday night that Microsoft had updated its free Solitaire game with some new features. The company has also pushed out new updates for two more free casual games, Mahjong and Minesweeper. Like the new update for Solitaire, the new versions of Mahjong and Minesweeper now include an in-app payment option that eliminates the banner ads inside the games, along with enabling some extra challenges and content for each game. The charge is $1.49 a month for each game or $9.99 for a year.

Update: The Major Nelson website has updated with some more information on the new version of Xbox Games:

The home screen of the updated Xbox Games app will now display the last game you played within the past seven days. We’re also providing faster and smoother access to related downloadable content for that game to further personalize your gameplay and your Avatar. Game trailers and screenshots are also more easily discoverable inside the refreshed app. We’ve added some enhanced communication features inside the app too, like the ability to send and receive text messages between Xbox LIVE friends and toast notification similar to those you receive today on Xbox 360.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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