Yahoo and ABC News join forces

Yahoo's month of September was off the mark but today the struggling Internet web portal decided to put its best foot forward in a new partnership announcement. Yahoo revealed today it will be collaborating with ABC News to form the largest digital news organization in the US. Yahoo and ABC claim that by joining forces they will be able to create a news organization that will have 100 million US users. The two companies claim that number is 25 million more than CNN and more than NBC News and CBS News combined.

ABC News will now become the single biggest source of stories for Yahoo's News site and editorial teams from both groups will collaborate on stories and features. One example of that collaboration will be held later today when ABC and Yahoo will live stream an interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos and US President Barack Obama, based on questions submitted by ABC and Yahoo users. In addition, Yahoo will host three new ABC News video shows and will also host the new web site for the morning show Good Morning America.

In September Yahoo fired its CEO Carol Bartz after seeing disappointing revenue numbers for the past couple of years. The company is currently looking for a new CEO while also admitting that it is "fielding inquiries from multiple parties that have already expressed interest in a number of potential options." That may mean that Yahoo could be looking to sell itself off to another company, much how it tried and failed a few years ago to complete a sale to Microsoft.

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