You can now easily move games and their install folders in your Steam library

Steam is a great way to manage your gaming collection on a PC, but one problem users might encounter is difficulty in moving game install folders. However, that changes today, with the latest Steam update.

Up until now, if a user decided to move a game installation folder, say for example when the hard disk got full or needed replacing, there wasn’t an easy way to do this. Gamers generally had to find the game folders in the Steam library, find out which folders needed moving, copy them around manually and then hope everything still worked when booting up the game. Though this method works, it’s not exactly straightforward.

Luckily, the latest version of Steam has a much better way for you to transfer files. All you need to do is click on the game you want to move, right click and select its properties, head to local files and then select the move install folder option. After that you’ll need to select the destination folder. It’s a very easy and painless process, though it might take up lots of time if you’re looking to move a large number of titles.

As mentioned above, you need the latest version of Steam to access this feature, so make sure to let the client check for updates if you don’t see the moving option from the start.

Via: Artem Russakovskii

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