You can now export your Apple Card transactions into a spreadsheet

Apple is rolling out a new feature (as reported by TechCrunch) for Apple Card customers through the Wallet app, making it possible to export your monthly statements as a spreadsheet. Currently, the exported file is in the CSV format, but support for OFX is reportedly coming soon as well.

In order to export your transaction history, you'll first need to have a monthly statement already generated, and you won't see the option until you do. Once that happens, you can open the Wallet app, head into the Card Balance section for your Apple Card, choose one of the statements, and then choose Export Transactions. Once you do this, you can either save the file or share it through other apps.

The Wallet app already gives users some insight into their spending, but many users rely on more complete budgeting apps like Mint. Many of those services let users import transaction statements from spreadsheets to make the process faster, but since the Apple Card didn't allow for that, things were a bit more complicated.

If you are using one of these apps, the new feature should be a welcome addition. If you're not, or if your current app doesn't support importing data from a spreadsheet, consider taking a look at our guide to the best budgeting apps from a couple of years ago.

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