YouTube debuts VR180, a new middle-ground for an immersive video experience

In the past couple of years, there has been a huge push for 360-degree videos with content support from the likes of Vimeo and YouTube. Since it is still a fairly young format, the quality of the videos isn't quite up to par with what we have come to expect. Although there have been advancements in consumer products, again, the cameras generally don't yield the best results. It appears now that YouTube has created what some might see as a solution.

VR180 is a new format that will be supported on the streaming platform that will give users better quality and an immersive experience. Unlike 360-degree videos, the VR180 content will focus on what's in front of the viewer, giving a complete 180-degrees of viewing space. Perhaps best of all is that when these videos are viewed on a normal screen like a phone or laptop, they still actually look pretty good, unlike 360-degree videos.

Furthermore, you will be allowed to view the images stereoscopically in 3D, where there will be a clear plane to distinguish things that are near and far. VR180 will not be limited to videos that are produced in a workspace, but will also be able to support the experience during a livestream .

YouTube is currently in the process of working with companies to produce cameras that will be available for public sale - YI, Lenovo, and LG will be some of the first to offer products in the winter. If you are an eligible YouTube creator, you can already borrow a VR180 camera from one of the many YouTube Spaces that are located across the globe.

Be sure to check out some of the VR180 examples that have already been posted to YouTube to learn more, or just to see what all the fuss is about.

Source: YouTube via Android Authority

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