YouTube updates Blur Faces tool making it easier for content creators to blur faces

Google has updated the face blurring tool on YouTube. Content creators can now look at displayed faces and just click the image of the person they want to blur throughout their video in the editor. Before the feature could be introduced, the engineers at YouTube had to improve the accuracy of the face detection system in order to better recognise people if things changed, such as a person leaving the video and coming back later.

Google says that blurring can be added to videos after posting them:

“Creators can apply these blurring edits to already uploaded videos without losing views, likes, and comments by choosing to “Save” the edits in-place. Applying the effect using “Save As New” and deleting the original video will remove the original unblurred video from YouTube for an extra level of privacy.”

According to Google, the blurring that creators apply to their content can not be reversed in a practical fashion, however, the company warns that blurring does not guarantee absolute anonymity. Additionally, Google warns that creators should preview the video after applying blurring to ensure that the effect has been applied everywhere that it’s needed.

Google has posted instructions on how to apply the blur effect on your videos, so be sure to check out the details in the source link below.

Source: YouTube Blog

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