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Pateros, Philippines
11 December 2014
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Justin is a holder of the degree Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts, graduating from the University of Santo Tomas located in Manila, Philippines. He has a passion for writing and technology, which amazingly fused well and brought him here writing for Neowin.

He loves to write about everything Microsoft, being a fan of the company since he was a kid. Aside from this, Justin is also very enthusiastic when it comes to cybersecurity. He finds the world of malware interesting, especially the dawn of ransomware, which is increasingly becoming a serious threat to everyone online.

In his free time, this guy likes to randomly tweet stuff on his Twitter account (@_justinluna). He usually insensitively live tweets about the TV shows he's watching, like Superstore, The Good Place, and Dawson's Creek (and Korean drama at times). Other than that, he contemplates about the meaning of life, and how much he's craving for pasta or McDonald's fries.

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