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02 November 2006
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Joshua Seed is a senior at Binghamton University double majoring in Urban & Regional Planning and Judaic Studies. He serves as the President of Bearcats for Israel.

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Valve announces first Portal 2 DLC

· · Hot! with 29 comments

Valve has officially announced today the first downloadable content for its puzzle-platform hit Portal 2. The add-on will feature "new test chambers for players, leaderboards, challenge mode for single and multiplayer modes, and more." The announcement...

Anonymous targets Sony over GeoHot suit

· · Hot! with 107 comments

Online hacktivist group Anonymous has set it sights on Sony in retaliation for the company's legal pursuit of two PlayStation 3 hackers. This marks a continuation of Operation Payback, which first gained momentum after targeting... Logo_thumb.jpg

Valve announces "big picture" mode for Steam

· · Hot! with 23 comments

Speaking at this week's Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, Valve announced plans for a "big picture" mode for its Steam digital distribution platform. Speaking briefly about the forthcoming feature, the Seattle firm said that it... 3._thumbjpg

Killzone 3 leaks to the web

· · Hot! with 47 comments

More bad news for video game developers and publishers. According to the folks over at Destructoid, reports are coming in that a pre-release version Killzone 3 has surfaced on torrent sites nearly 10 days before...