1 TB 2.5 inch SSD announced; will likely break most wallets

If you want to build a desktop PC that has super fast performance for, say, playing Battlefield 3, you will almost certainly want to include a solid state drive as your Windows boot drive. Are they still much more expensive to purchase than your normal mechanical platter-based hard drive? Yep. Will they continue to be more expensive for some time to come? Most likely.

However, the benefits of getting even a small 256 GB SSD inside your gaming PC rig in terms of overall performance makes a lot of sense if you have a few hundred dollars to spend.

But what if money was truly no object and you wanted to get a SSD drive that had the storage space of a top of the line mechanical hard drive? Then OCZ Technology is coming out with a product that might be to your liking. The company announced a few days ago it will release a new SSD product line called Octane. OCZ says the Octane is "the world's first SSD to achieve up to a 1 TB capacity in a compact 2.5 inch format."

Let that sink in for a moment. A 2.5" 1 TB SDD. Wow.

With that kind of storage space with a SDD solution you really don't need to have a regular hard drive anymore for storage of video and music files, like many people do when they get a smaller SSD for their PC combined with a much larger hard drive.

OCZ says that the Octane will be available starting November 1. Pricing has yet to be announced for the 1 TB version but we suspect that it won't sell for less than $2,000 considering 512 GB ones go for >$800 currently. You could easily buy an entire PC with that kind of money. However, if Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg is reading this article and wanting a new storage drive for their own PC, we would say, "go for it".

Image via OCZ

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